Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler makes a fans year

If you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s as a rock fan chances are Aerosmith has a permanent home in your heart. That home is about to get a pretty impressive extension with news of what frontman Steven Tyler has recently done for one of his biggest fans.

If you didn’t know it, Steven has recently been working on a new endeavour in country music, and it seems to be going pretty damn well. That’s not so surprising when you find out that he’s a multi-instrumentalist and could probably play the bagpipes within ten minutes of being given a go on them. He’s what us true music lovers would call a creative genius, the kind of performer who loves every form of musical sound possible. The fact that he’s stuck to rock publicly for as long as he has is perhaps the only real surprise here.

You also might not know that Steven is an all-around gorgeous Human being too. It’s easy to just assume that when someone is a multi-millionaire performer with decades of potentially jaded experience as a “star” they might become somewhat hollow, or detached from what’s real and what’s important.

Not Steven.

Diane Yorfido was out with her son Anthony at a small store in Niagara Falls, Ontario, where the performer was due to play that evening at the Fallsview Casino. It apparently took her a few minutes to work out who the familiar looking man was, but her 24 year old son didn’t need any prompting. When he spotted Steven he instantly recognized him and cried out “Oh my God, Steven Tyler, is that you?” and ran over to give the stranger a gigantic hug.

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A colder person might assume that such a “celeb” would react with horror, that perhaps big mean looking security might step in to swat the over-excited young man away. But this isn’t just a celebrity, this is Steven Tyler.

Of course he gave the fan a massive hug back and asked if he and his mother were coming to the show. Although Diane would be there as an employee of Fallsview, the gig had sold out too quickly for her to be able to get her son a ticket.

Oh, this just won’t do for a man of Steven’s standing.

Wheels were set in motion (and by that I mean Steven made the decision there on the spot, because you know, it’s Steven-fucking-Tyler after all) and Andrew +1 were not only getting tickets, they were getting backstage passes!

Although Diane was working that night and didn’t see the show, she certainly found out about her sons adventure the next day when the news blew up. He’d gone to the concert with Diane’s boyfriend that night and they were treated to an epic experience.

As the band began to play Sweet Emotion Steven yelled out “Anthony’s in the house!” and the young man appeared on stage to help the show along by playing the Maracas!

And what does a fan like Anthony think of this whole experience? “This is the best thing that ever happened to me in my life.”

This is not the first time Steven has been caught being totally amazing of course. There are plenty of other instances to look at. Last year, while in Moscow, he scared the bejeezus out of a street performer and made an unsuspecting little crowd pee their pants when he popped out of nowhere to sing with the guy.

In 2013 he was visiting the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville Tennessee and watching a local band when he asked to play with them, of course no sane musician would say no to that and the crowd was treated to unexpected renditions of “Dream On” and “Jaded”.

When he visited Vilnius in Lithuania and encountered a violinist and accordionist performing in the street he stopped to enjoy their sudden rendition of “Crazy”, moved in to give them a photo with him, then broke out into song to the delight of a suddenly growing crowd. Of course he stuck around after the unexpected show to talk to the two young women at length about what they do and their instruments, because he’s Steven-fucking-Tyler.

Several years ago he was attending the wedding of a friend and chose to give them an amazing present when he stood to sing “I don’t want to miss a thing”.

It certainly seems that wherever the man goes he takes time to enjoy the scenery, takes time to greet his fans and give a lucky few something truly amazing to remember.

Steven, we love you, you gorgeous man.

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